Macclesfield Donation

Fairy Bricks lego donation 004 Cheshire was the location of the most recent Fairy Bricks donation when Martyn and his familyFairy Bricks lego donation 006 (Gemma, Harrison and Fraser) made the trip to Macclesfield District General Hospital. Unfortunately the children’s ward play specialists: Joy, Anne and Elaine were all unexpectedly tied up with some very poorly children and unable to leave the ward so the LEGO had to be left without a big handover. However, the very next day we got a call from Joy asking us to go back for some photos for the Hospital’s newsletter, so back we went for some official photos and a chance to see the smiles as children saw the new addition to the children’s ward play room and were able to take some of the smaller sets back to their beds. Special thanks to Joy and her colleagues for arranging the second visit – they didn’t need to do it having already received the LEGO and being extremely busy so it was really appreciated when they did. The smile shown on Sebastian’s face just topped off another wonderful day.


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  1. […] Kevin and Martyn that aims to bring cheer to sick children by raising funds and doing all sorts of awesome stuff to put LEGO in the hands of children in hospitals. Fairy Bricks came to life after Kevin (SirKevbags […]

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