80 And Counting!

We have just updated our donations page and it now stands at 35 for the year so far. That’s an increase of 5 from last year with hopefully several more donations to come prior to Christmas. Combined with work from previous years we have made 80 donations now. We don’t set targets on how many donations we want to make, we just keep working hard and hopefully progression comes.

So what does 80 donations actually represent? Well first up it has a monetary value of £64,000 or if you measure it on an average set value of £20 its 3200 sets. Given the nature of LEGO and how the hospitals use the sets we work on a figure that each set is played with at least ten times which is a very conservative estimate. So that’s 32,000 children who either have benefited or will benefit from one of our donations.

We have mentioned “our donations” Of course as much as they are ours they are also yours. Everyone who has donated money and sets. Everyone who has volunteered at events or actually visited a hospital. This is your work we are talking about and you should quite rightly be extremely proud.

So into 2016 we should hit our century which is a nice milestone but will also just be another day with the bricks and getting them into the hands of children so they can start making a benefit.

Praise Be To Rod!

RodSome wonderful news to report this morning!

Writer and LEGO Builder Rod Gillies has generously decided to donate the royalties from his latest book Empire Of Steam for November and December to us! If you’re interested in seeing Rod’s models then he will be exhibiting at Brick 2015 in December so be sure to pop along and say hello.

So head on over to Amazon, get yourself a great read and help us in the process. Thanks Rod for your generosity. This is what readers are saying so far..

“Classic adventure set-up followed by a hectic, exciting chase that doesn’t let up”

“Real boys own adventure, left you wanting more”

“Non stop action from start to finish… a military thriller set in a steampunk world”

“Great twists, suspense, and lots of action”

“Fast-paced, action-packed fiction. The story moves really quickly, the characters are likeable and realistic and the writing is excellent”

Magical Day With Goldman Sachs

GS1What happens when an International Investment Bank contacts a tiny charity and asks about working together on a community day? Well first of all the said charity tries to get over the shock of the request and then gets down to trying to make it work!

The end result however can be summed up in one word, Magical. On Friday we joined forces with 20 volunteers from Goldman Sachs as part of their 2015 Community Team Work Scheme and visited the Evelina London Children’s Hospital which is part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Armed with over £2000 of sets and assisted by three Fairies, Ed, Gary and Tim, the day was spent building sets and one off models with children.GS2

Special credit needs to go first to Jason from GS for having the vision initially to contact us. As a small charity it is often difficult to gain corporate support but thanks to Jason and his drive to make this a success it most certainly was. Secondly to Julie at the Evelina. Another under resourced Play Specialist who welcomed us with open arms and did everything possible to make sure the day went off without a problem. Hopefully this won’t be our last connection with either organisation!

Introducing Bricktastic!

Bricktastic Header

We are delighted to announce Bricktastic a new LEGO event to be hosted right in the heart of Manchester. The event will take place at the iconic Manchester Central (formally the GMEX) on the weekend of 15-16 August 2015 and will celebrate all things LEGO – the plastic brick loved by millions of children and adults alike.

Bricktastic will showcase models constructed by some of the best LEGO builders in UK. From cars, to animals to historic buildings, there will be something to inspire the budding LEGO builder regardless of age.

Professional LEGO designers will also be on hand throughout the weekend, come and find out what it takes to go from concept, creation to the high street stores. After being inspired by the Master Builders, visitors will have numerous opportunities to get ‘hands-on’ at Bricktastic from creating their own LEGO masterpiece in the brick pits, or helping build a giant 120,000 piece LEGO brick mosaic construction that has never been built before!. Each day three lucky mosaic builders will also win a prize for guessing what the mosaic picture will be.

The show will be packed with information, hints and tips for the budding LEGO builder.

Highlights include:

  • Models created by the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional Company, Bright Bricks
  • Displays created by members of the Brickish Association, Northern Brickworks and Brickshire.
  • An exclusive first look at the 2015 model being created by the Brick To The Past
  • A chance to meet LEGO designers Carl Greatrix and Tom Poulson.
  • Interactive sessions with Master Builders to learn just how they create such stunning work or see how LEGO can be used in science and engineering.
  • Brick Pits and play tables to create LEGO master pieces.
  • Demonstrations by Awesome Engineers of their interactive LEGO Workshops.
  • A variety of shopping opportunities including lots of personalised items.

Advance tickets are now on sale priced at £11.50 for adults and £8.50 for children. Infants under 3 go free. To book tickets, or for further information, please visit www.bricktastic.org

As well as supporting Fairy Bricks, every advance child and adult ticket purchased will be entered into a free prize draw for either the Saturday or Sunday with great LEGO prizes available to be won.

Off To London With Goldman Sachs!

1024px-Goldman_Sachs.svgAfter several months of planning we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Goldman Sachs. As part of their Community Teamwork’s initiative, on June 19th we will be joined by twenty GS volunteers in visiting the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. The day will be spent building new LEGO sets with both in and out patients. Also joining us will be Master Builders Tim Johnson, the Editor of Bricks Culture magazine and Gary Davis, the Vice Chair of the Brickish Association to help the children, hospital staff and volunteers see beyond the instructions and get creative with the bricks.

Jason Granet, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs said, “The team here is so excited to work with Fairy Bricks on this unique event.  Kev and Fairy Bricks have a great organization and we are pleased to partner with them on what promises to be a fabulous day with all the children at Evelina Children’s Hospital.”

We can only echo Jason’s comments. From the moment this project was first conceived, Jason and his team have been a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait for June 19th to come now so some boxes can be ripped open to start building! It won’t just be about the one day though, there will be lots of LEGO left behind to be used by the Play Specialists in the future months.

Let’s Eat Cake!

Fairy Friday Is Back!

Remember last year when our first external fundraiser was a cakes at work day? Well it’s back and hopefully even more people will take part. Right now everyone is working off the Christmas excess so by the 27th of February will be ready to, and as importantly deserve to eat some cake!

You can hold one at work, school or even at home. If the 27th doesn’t work for you then its no problem, just pick another date and let us know so we can tell everyone how great you are for getting involved. We don’t want anyone to be concerned with being worried about how much they raise, just please take part and have some fun. If you’re a secret LEGO fan this is a great way to introduce it to your colleagues! A poster is available to download by clicking the link below.


Leeds General Infirmary Donation

2014-06-26 18.12.35The day after Sunderland we visited the Leeds General Infirmary. Leeds was nominated by one of our volunteers KT who you can see pictured. She is a key member of the team who is always happy to give up time for fund raising efforts and is wonderful at spotting discounted sets when out and about! Also pictured is Matthew one of the LGI patients. Matthew is a huge LEGO fan who already had some small sets in his room from home. After we had left it is fair to say he had plenty of new ones to choose from!

Sunderland Royal Hospital Donation

Back in late June we visited Sunderland Royal Hospital to meet the members of the play team and the wonderful Lewis who kindly agreed to be in a picture. This donation followed some successful fund raising at the Northumbria Brick Show when we attempted to build our mosaic for the first time. It wan’t completed but everyone taking part had a wonderful time and took great pride in building their own plate before it was added to the others! A few days after a card was received from patients and staff highlighting just how much the donation had meant.

2014-06-28 10.31.362014-06-28 10.32.222014-06-25 14.07.46

Big Raffle Winners!

Below is a list of all prizes with their ticket numbers from The Big Raffle. We are contacting people now to get their postage details so they can be dispatched. Over £7000 was raised which is an amazing total and will enable us to donate LEGO to around eighteen hospitals!

Prize Ticket Number
#9465 The Zombies 6165
#2853835 White Boba Fett Minifig 3795
#40082 Christmas Tree Stand & #40083 Christmas Truck 4530
#10230 Mini Modulars 7383
Brick City & Brick Wonders both signed by the author Warren Elsmore 5624
#10226 Sopwith Camel & #40049 Mini Sopwith Camel 21
The New York Bundle #40025 New York Taxi & #40026 Statue Of Liberty & #850947 Statue Of Liberty Magnet &#853317 I (heart) New York Magnet 1383
#9492 Tie Fighter 4837
#4000010 LEGO House Only available in Denmark and an exclusive copy signed by LEGO CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Marketing Director Mads Nipper and several LEGO Designers. 5120
#9493 X Wing Starfighter 1642
#5000022 Hulk Minifig 6873
#3316 Friends Advent Calendar 1800
#7066 Earth Defence HQ 3248
The Jedi Bundle #7103 Jedi Duel, #7203 Jedi Defence, #7204 Jedi Defence II 1635
#850935 Classic Minifigure Graduation Set 2837
Complete set of Daily Mail Promotional sets 6265
Mystery Box 2 4485
Limited Edition No. 2 of 4 Hairy Fairy Minifig 3451
Complete set of Ferrari polybags 1815
#21020 Trevi Fountain 4196
#3300003 Mini Brand Store 476
#41999 Limited Edition Technic Crawler 5204
#3300014 Christmas Set 64
Mystery Box 6 2270
#79105 Baxters Robot Rampage 2918
#60013 Coastguard Helicopter  5263
#As yet unreleased new LEGO Cussoo set, The Exo Suit signed by the creator Peter Reid 4037
Mystery Box 1 3842
 #4736 Freeing Dobby 3826
Mystery Box 5 5500
Mystery Box 4 4624
The Samiam Bundle #5000202 Elrond Poly & #5001621 Hoth Han Solo & Custom Built Mini Starbucks & Jango Fett and Young Boba Fett from set #7153 4905
The HispaBricks Bundle #850802 Tokyo Magnet & #5001121 BR LEGO Minifig & LEGO World 2014 Exclusive Minifig and Puzzle 1318
Micro Bundle #853195 Brick Calendar & #5002126 Martian Manhunter 86
Mystery Box 3 2688
LEGO Comic Book Variant Covers All New X-Men – 17 & Uncanny Avengers – 12 & Guardians of the Galaxy – 007 2161
#5002812 Cosmonaut  6561
2011 LEGO Duck 4254
LEGO Movie Bundle #5002203 Radio DJ Robot & #5002045 Pyjamas Emmet & #5002204 Western Emmet 6150
#10242 Mini Cooper 2780
Mystery Box 7 38
Mars Rover 7133
#2853590 Chrome Stormtrooper 1678
One of a kind Spaceship designed, built and signed by LEGO designer Mark Stafford 3896
Complete set of Super Heros polybag sets 4093
Mystery Box 8 4638
#5002130 Good Morning Bilbo Baggins 2748
#50003 Batman Game & #50011 Battle For Helms Deep Game 4536
#10232 Palace Cinema 610
Mini Bundle #5000214 Star Wars Character Encyclopaedia & #4659597 Friends Bracelets & #5002127 Flashback Shredder 2792

Our First Sponsored Event!

9617189174_e7f024f2fd_oIt is an absolute delight to be able to announce this!

Richard Bullivant and Mike Amberry will be walking the Dodentocht in aid of Fairy Bricks at 9pm on August 8th. Literally meaning Death March, it is a 100km (62 mile) walking challenge in 24 hours in Belgium. There are around 11,000 participants each year and around a third don’t complete the distance. However they’ve been training hard since February and feel confident that the event and the fact that they’d be letting down various sponsors if they don’t, will be enough to get the to the finish line. They’ll be fighting a lack of sleep, a long distance and no doubt some form of weather (extreme heat or heavy rain pretty much guaranteed).

The lads have created an online donation page which can be found here so please contribute if you are able to. Every £1 does make a difference and regardless of the money raised we will be donating £800 of LEGO to Alder Hey in Liverpool at Richards request. Being a little old school they are expecting to raise most of their sponsorship off line but the link is there for those that would like to use it. A huge thanks to both Richard and Mike for being brave (and crazy!) enough to take this on!

We were thrilled when we were told about this event. It makes a whole different group of people aware of our work so if you feel like doing something similar don’t hesitate to get in touch.